I believe that a gift should say somethimg about the person giving the gift, so put your personal toucht into it.

I also ask myself about the person receiving the gift, are they a hard core golfer, a real pro, or a once a month player, this is important, as most hard core players will tend to be more specific on the equipment they use on the golf course.

If you can, you can always look at that person’s golf bag, this will tell you what clubs they use, even the type of balls they use, you will get a sense of what they have, and what they are missing.

Most likely, there is a local golf shop near you, but just in case, you can click the images, to shop online.

Golf shoes

Shoes is a very important item in any golfer’s outfit, you are out on the course for hours, and having a comfortable pair of shoes is key to enjoying your round (no matter what the score is, lol).

One feature I always look for in a shoe, is that they are waterproof, not because I expect it to rain, but in the morning (which is when most golfers play), the course will be damped, and getting your feet wet early in the round is not good.

The FJ Fuel are my favorite, they are so comfortable, and they look good too. I also like the spikeless sole, I would only recommend spikes if your course has slopes and uneven terrain.

Range finder

A range finder is a fantastic idea, we use it in every stroke to measure the exact distance we want to shoot (not that the ball will actually land there, but we make the effort). Probably the most commonly used brand is Bushnell, there perform great, but they are also high cost, if you want to keep the budget under control, you can also try Gogogo, I had one for years and it worked very well

Club grips

Grips are a very important part of the club, it wears out after a while, and regripping the clubs gives them a second wind, they feel like new again, they look good, and, it’s way less expensive than the alternative, buying a new set of clubs.

I like the Golf Pride brand, they are a bit on the high end of cost, but worth the price, they come on different colors, to match the bag (or the outfit). I have used corded grips for several years now and love them, I find I use a lighter grip and hit more consistent shots.

The putter experience

Putters are different to any other club in the bag, there is no science to putters, it just feels right when you hit the ball and it rolls in the hole. Want to share the epxerience of the gift? Invite that person to your local golf shop, have them try ALL putters they have, and choose the one, do a little putting competition, make a day out of it. I did it with my wife, she not only loved her new putter, but the whole experience! I personally like the blade (thin) style, this is the one I have and is widely used.

Bring on the style

No matter where you play, if it is a tournament, or a friendly round with your buddies, you want to look good, a good hat is a great gift. The type of hat will depend on the taste of the person, but sometimes it is good to take a risk, wide brim hats look good, flat caps are stylish, take the leap! Or keep the receipt handy, LOL. Some good options:

Golf mugs

Mugs are another great idea, because there are tons of options out there, some cool, some funny, but I’m sure that special person will show it off with friends on and off the course.

Golf balls

One thing you will always need as a golfer, is new balls, they wear out or get lost in the woods (believe me, I know). If you decide to buy a case of golf balls, you can customize them, write something on them, so the gift has even more meaning, you know that person, what do they like, what would remind them of you on the course, what would they laugh about when reading the ball? Just go nuts! is a good place to start, Amazon carries golf ball customization as well, Golf Galaxy too, and many other stores out there.

Driver covers

Driver and wood covers are another great way to enhance the bag. There are so many options out there:

Shirts (funny shirts)

If you want to avoid that special person pullin a John Daly or an Ian Poulter, than a shirt can be a great gift. Or if you think their outfit is too serious and not colorful enough? Give them a funny shirt, either way, there’s a little bit of you in that gift!

Pro event tickets

If you want to share the experience with that special person, buy a couple of tickets and attend the next Pro event near you, it’s quite the experience.

I really hope these tips were useful to you, I hope you leave a comment about what you decided on, and how happy the person receiving the gift was.

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